Yes. Courses are available for a set period of time after purchase. Our courseware is designed to fit into the student’s schedule, with the opportunity to leave and reenter the course as many times as necessary within the given access window. Students can also come back to review the course, even after it has been completed, making it a great reference tool.

Students can either self-register or be registered by an Administrator. During registration, each student receives a unique username and password for logging into the system.

Each student has a unique username and password. This prevents an impostor from taking a course without the authorized user’s knowledge. Most online training services require the user to accept a User Agreement, which sets forth the Terms and Conditions for taking Web-based training. This discourages the authorized user from providing an impostor the username and password. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of the employer to verify that the person who completed a given course was the authorized user.

Web-based training is an affordable substitute for, or complement to, traditional CD-ROM, video or classroom-based training. Any computer tablet or smart phone with access to the Internet or a corporate intranet can access online courses delivered via a Web browser, For effective learning to occur, courses must be designed specifically for online delivery. That means incorporating interactive exercises that engage students and enhance the learning process.

Whether you are training a small group of employees at a single location or thousands of users spread nationwide, users have easy access to anywhere/anytime training, from home or work, day or night. Web-based training can be just as effective as classroom training, and take half the time to complete at a fraction of the price.